Life's a beach

2021.10.27 19:59 revolutn Life's a beach

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2021.10.27 19:59 ra7400 Blow this up Hoge is the best!

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2021.10.27 19:59 ArcticExtruder Need help finding a good tool for web dev

I want to make a web thing that asks a series of questions and then output a pre-formatted form (pdf/doc) with all of these answers. It seems baby simple but when googling for solutions, I get bombarded with varying programs that offer everything under the sun. I don't have enough experience to know which one is better for what I am doing and I don't want to invest dozens of hours into a tutorial only to find that what I need isn't possible.
I have some basic html experience --> I can get around "inspect element" with a clue. I have basic to intermediate programming experience.
I just need a dev to tell me "use ____, there are tutorials, google it, profit." I'm good at self teaching when I know what to google. Even if you can confirm something like "use ASP.NET, it will do all that" would be very helpful. I used to know things about ASP.NET, but forgot it already ;)
Context of the problem: I want to make a web thing that asks a series of questions in a chronological order and then outputs a pre-formatted report.
Research you have completed prior to requesting assistance: I have googled various keywords that tend to give tutorials for things like ASP.NET, mozilla, and many other third party tools.
Problem you are attempting to solve with high specificity: I would like this page/site to be usable on any device (IOS, android, PC). It will need some ID type info for the report. Then I need to gather answers to questions that change which questions get asked next. I would like it to display a single input request at a time and then move on to the next. It would be nice if I could add files to some answers as inputs will vary in type (date, count, ID, float). Then I would like these answers to be displayed in a report that I can pre-format.
Thanks so much! Any shotgun from the hip response would be immensely helpful! I mostly need help with finding out what I don't know so I know what to start learning and teaching myself.
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2021.10.27 19:59 AncientDesmond The Blast Bunker V2

This one has gotta bee can open't. There are trash cells and wall cells in spots that would prevent can-openers. Try and crack it, I dare you... V3;3+;3+;{(0(6Ai)gI)0Og(3&(3d)qesYYssaaYYaa)5c8e8)kis)I4eq(3&(3e)skiimsa4ii2a)5c888)ki)I6(3&(3f)6Amk0G6A24)5e8C8)ki)I6(3&(3h)km0G6A42)5e888)ki)I6(bN(3g)mSSksa2SS4a)5b88E882ST)kda)I6(3&(3g)sooss8aooaaa)598)059pp)e6babbpoa8)I6(3&(3h)YYsqaI11})0uAAIaqsYY(3&(3i)kiims!a810(3%)tBA8a!(np(3r)S!K)0cLKL)07)lc!S(np(3r)SSKm2m4U)1pm2mKSS(np(3r)}SK2m2(3%)qU2m2KS}(np(3r)}}(7V)f2(7V)j}}(np(3q)(3&)7K%)0o)t5}}(KV)6(np(3l)}}K2m2KaaYYIIII)56)67YYaa)t5}}(KV)6(np(3l)(7V)7(Ot)d)cc(7V)77A24(np(3n)(7V)7(On)ca)cc(7V)77A42(np(3o)(7V)6(On)c)cdam2ma}}bkSSm(fF(3h)(np)82m2Kq(OO)cakSSm)56qa2m2a}}baoo(jx(3i)(np)cq(OO)d)caq(fF)7t(KP(3q)(7V)8sYYss(Sw)6c)66(P1)6(fF)7t(KP(3q)(7V)8kiims8q)0a8s)i4q)t4L}}7(KP(3q)(np)9mk0G8q(7Q)6888q8)i6)t4L}}(KP(3q)q(np)9km0G8q(7X)88q8)i6(7V)7r(KP(3o)qq(fF)8mSSks8q(7X)7)74(4n)6(7V)7qq(KP(3j))06(fF)8soos(3&)6eee(3&)6)i4(np)8)J7(1nl(3f)qCqEq}}L(np)6)04c(3&)bc)h5(np)8qEqCq(1nl(3g)(7V)8L(7V)6YY(7V)hYY(7V(3u)ssYY(fF)7k(rh)9(fF)c(rh)6)t4}}qq(z1(3o)(np)a(rh)7(np)cmk(np)6K}}(4n)6(z1(3o)(v9)6(rh)7(v9)ckm(Sz)9(17R(3r)(np)8(rh)7(C-)c(rh)6(7V)6(17R(3s)(KP)8oo(KP)hoo(np)9(17R(3x)Kq(1Op)d)ca(KP)8(17R(3u)2m2Kq(}=)n(C-)8)I6(Wr(3o)(np)6(}=)o(7V)7(np(3z)(}U)b(108)d(Sz)8(np(3w)(1OK)d)65)i7(7V)7(np(3y)(1Oy)8(1OE)7)c8aa(fF)8(np(3x)(1rd)w(1v5(3x)(1GT)v(np(3u)j(1GT)zj(np(3s)ij(1GT)zii(np(3r)i$(1Wg)7(1Wb)b(1Wo)h!i(np(3r)!b80(1+7)A(np(3p)qaJ(3%)v(1}&)8(np(3p)8(2q!)f(27N)7ZZaaabZYaab)548(np(3r)(2q!)h88E88(2r9(3$)8(2r9(3&)C(2r9(3$)a888)ki(np(3l)esooss(1Oj)b)578e8)kis)I4(1nl(3f)(2Sr(3+)(0(5%p);;;0
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2021.10.27 19:59 Jujomar Please upvote this sports cat and he will upvote you!

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2021.10.27 19:59 festeringswine Am I eating enough gluten for the challenge?

My doctor finally ordered me a blood test panel for celiac. Before this I started eating GF (badly, I'm sure there was cross contamination) for 13 days, ended that October 7th.
I want to make sure I'm eating enough gluten that IF I react to it, it will show up on blood tests. I eat a slice of toast every day, plus various other snacks, condiments, and wine that probably has gluten. I know you're supposed to have the equivalent of 2 slices of bread or more every day for 6-8 weeks, does my regular diet even have that much gluten in it?! I don't have a lot of pasta or sandwiches hardly ever, usually I'm eating potatoes, meat, veggies for dinner and then soup or avocados on a rice cake for lunch, sometimes a salad. There's definite cross contamination, but I rarely am just eating BREAD or beer or products like that. I'm having continual digestive symptoms though. Should I increase my gluten for awhile?
My DNP didn't tell me to eat more, but she also didn't seem to think celiac is even a possibility, she told me to go right to a low FODMAP diet after she ran a bunch of other blood tests to check for liver and pancreatic function, etc. I had to ask for the celiac test so I can rule it out.
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2021.10.27 19:59 MELogan I just want a more accurate description of what this is. Cat for scale!

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2021.10.27 19:59 herntom What????

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2021.10.27 19:59 alan13446 Where does this food come from to sell on the street? (More in comments)

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2021.10.27 19:59 FreeYuri What is something that's unpopular that if more people were to try it out, their minds would be changed?

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2021.10.27 19:59 Responsible_Carob_78 Darkrais all around!! 2037 0758 2514

Multiple raids people, let’s go!!
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2021.10.27 19:59 dirty-little-hearts My puppy has learned to ring her potty bells just to go outside, not whenever she needs to potty.

Anyone know how to stop this? For a while she was doing so well ringing the bell to signal she needed to go out to potty, but now she’s learned if she rings it I’ll take her outside (since I basically taught her that...) and I’m wondering how I should signify it’s only for going outside to potty, not going out for a walk.
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2021.10.27 19:59 CarrotSad4031 Todos os onlyfans da Aline faria, Nicks Vieira, Anitta, Mulher Melão, Victoria Matosa, etc. Nesse telegram:

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2021.10.27 19:59 malifuci SEPA Deposit

Is it still possible to deposit Euro via SEPA transfer without fee?
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2021.10.27 19:59 Constant-Internet490 🐶Shiba Dash just launched!, 💸 6% Shiba Rewards 🔥 (Fair Launch, LP Locked for 1 Year), Missed Doge Dash? Don’t miss this one! 🟡

About us?
We are the best thing to happen to rewards tokens to date. We see ourselves as a long-term project and plan to work extraordinarily hard to deliver for our holders. Based on our project $ShibaDash rewards will be awarded in $SHIB. Therefore if you simply hold tokens 6% of rewards will be allotted in $SHIB
Here at $ShibaDash, our goal is simple. We want to truly reward our holders. Most other reward tokens give out small rewards and they don’t really make it worthwhile to hold their token. We want to change all that. We’ve been working incredibly hard to find creative ways to make the best rewards token we possibly can. So here’s what we’re doing to change the game.
Now on top of all this we also have a really neat buy-back staking feature we’re going to be implementing at launch. After every buy and sell, 1% of the transaction is sent to a wallet. This wallet keeps building, then at a desired amount, we stake the holdings of the wallet. After staking is finished we use these funds to purchase $ShibaDash in times of low volume or during dips. Then these tokens are reflected back to our holders. That is three separate ways we reward you for buying and being a loyal holder.
Coming in the following months after launch, we plan to release our own re-loadable crypto credit card! From our Rewards Hub, you will be able to choose the card as an option and the instantly have your rewards sent to the card in a usable currency. You will be able to make purchases anywhere that a regular credit card would be accepted.
So surely you don’t want to miss out on our up coming presale, this is one true gem of a project. Be sure to join our telegram group and follow us on twitter for all the latest information!
Marketing Plan
💰We will have a large marketing push at this point and advertise EVERYWHERE, we aleready have a huge budged collected from external investors. Once we get some holders and some volume flowing, we are planning to apply on CoinGecko and we will have great exposure there. We have plans for billboards, websites, online literature website, and buy votes for every crypto charting and ranking platforms. After a successful push we hope to have roughly High active members in our Telegram group. 💪
6% Base RewardsThis amount gets gets sent right back to our holders in the form of user-chosen rewards.
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🐶 Links:
Contract address: 0x0aec76aba86afbe36c625f18b059768ab1a8226c
Renounced Ownership:
LP Locked:
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2021.10.27 19:59 defiantemperte IT'S HAPPENING

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2021.10.27 19:59 peregrin5 Professors at PSU: Use OneNote and a tablet

This past year, I've seen so many professors struggling with the tools required for distance learning, or even in-person learning with some technology.
Primarily I see professors struggling with recording on Zoom, annotating Powerpoints with -shudder- the mouse, switching back and forth between their presentation and a document camera and worrying that things aren't visible to the distance learners constantly.
The solution, I feel, is very simple:
1) Use OneNote. It's free.
2) Get a drawing tablet of some sort.
For more detail:
OneNote is great.
It lets you import your slides or documents and images of any type directly into it. From there you can annotate it all you like. Type on it, draw on it, add other images, etc. Some of you have really tiny graphics in your Powerpoints that you reference hoping your students have hawk eyes. Zoom in and out with no trouble.
Furthermore, everything is saved. You can print your notes out as a PDF and upload them to D2L (or Canvas or whatever we're using in the future). You can also just share a link to the notebook and students can access it themselves.
When you are presenting a lecture, you don't need to have separate windows open for PDFs, powerpoints, or document cameras. You can just have OneNote open and not have to worry about switching between things. (you can even embed videos if you want)
This even is perfect for professors who don't use Powerpoints and just handwrite everything. Just open blank note pages and write directly on them.
It also has OCR handwriting recognition and great search features so you can search specifically for what you want among all your notes.
Of course this is best paired with something that allows you to digitize your handwriting in a natural way.
Get a Drawing Tablet
How much you invest into this is up to you. Obviously the best solution is to get something like a Microsoft Surface with a Surface Pen, or if you're an iPad person, an iPad with an Apple Pencil. (OneNote has apps for the iPad too).
However there are plenty of cheaper solutions available like just getting a drawing tablet that can connect directly to your regular PC or laptop through USB. There are knock-off products on Amazon for as cheap as $30 bucks, but I would at least spring for a slightly more but still very affordable one from Wacom like this $60 Wacom One tablet. Wacom in my opinion is a more trustworthy manufacturer of these things.
In summary,
While there is always a slight learning curve to any new technology, I believe in the long run this will save professors many headaches, and make working in this new digital/distance learning regime easier for everyone.
Departments, please provide your instructors with drawing tablets at the very least. Watching someone try to hand-draw something with a mouse is painful.
Idk, what do you guys think? Do you have better solutions?
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2021.10.27 19:59 valdezer5687 🐳LittleBabyWhale🐳Auto Cake 7%🍰Buy The Dip🤑Huge Potencial🚀Biggest Project Of The 2021💎

LittleBabyWhale proposes an innovative feature in its contract : DIVIDEND YIELD PAID IN Cake! With the auto-claim feature, simply hold $LTBW and you'll receive CAKE automatically in your wallet. Hold $LTBW and get rewards in CAKE on every transaction!
LittleBabyWhale also challenges the current issue with whales, by implementing a max transaction rate set at 2% of the total supply, and a max wallet size of 4% ensuring that everyone has a fair share of $LTBW.
AUTO Rewards every 60 minutes! For the first time ever, you don’t need to claim your earned Cake. It’s automatically sent to your wallet every 60 minutes.
Just hold $LTBW, and earn Cake while your token goes up as others join in on the reward hype.
7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold $LTBW tokens, earn Cake.
4% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It's automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).
3% of every transaction is allocated to Marketing in Cake(swapped to Cakein real time to avoid dumps). So we can fuel the most ambitious projects and reward our active community.
💵14% Tax on every transaction
🍰 7% Cake Rewards
📰 3% to Marketing
🔥 4% to Liquidity
👑 Hold , earn CAKE.
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This is just the start and you have been lucky enough to read this! Join the community early, and make sure to not miss on this gem!
LittleBabyWhale understands the low level of trust in the DeFi space currently and are taking all measures to reduce this distrust as much as possible.
Join the communities now, we are so early on this project grab a bag and enjoy this GEM
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2021.10.27 19:59 montanababy62 Certified classic.

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2021.10.27 19:59 slmnkbr Would like a recommendation

Preferably 200+ chapters. Action/adventure but really anything goes. I’ve read solo leveling and tomb raider king and tower of god and god of high school.
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2021.10.27 19:59 ChemicalEnd3ri infp energy?? maybe??

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2021.10.27 19:59 Ajyril Why does this happen

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2021.10.27 19:59 hypermails Minnesota surgeon fired after telling school officials at public meeting that parents should have the right to decide if their children wear masks to school

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2021.10.27 19:59 abrbbb Cheapest possible NY temporary auto coverage

I bought a car in NY and would like to register it in MA. Said car is already insured in MA.
In order to drive it to NY to MA, NY requires proof of NYS insurance.
The car is already insured, and I just need a statement that says it's insured in NY. It doesn't actually matter what it's insured for or what the coverage is. What is the cheapest possible way I could insure this vehicle?
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2021.10.27 19:59 RedSmileGroup cross post from r/RedSmileGroup :-)

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