2021.10.27 19:07 katzenartig GNATS AGH

So my first UB attempts went bad aver the last few weeks, but I had three that seemed like they might pull through. (Spoiler - no). I had them quarantined in a cooler with a heating mat, but when I opened it to check this morning there were tiny gnats everywhere. Shut it and noped it right outside, where one of the bags was revealed to be full of maggots!! 🤢
Two questions: - The maggot bag got onto my outdoor reject pile, is there a way to treat that to prevent a gnat explosion? (Didn’t mean for it to end up there, saw the maggots and the yeet reflex took over) - Anything I can do to prevent their spread inside? Cooler was open for under a minute but I want to be aggressive in preventing them from taking root. I do have some sticky traps up.
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2021.10.27 19:07 Additional-Star4098 My POTM Ronaldo has officially been benched. He was by far my biggest ever regret in my 10 years of fifa. He’s just not it this fifa.

My POTM Ronaldo has officially been benched. He was by far my biggest ever regret in my 10 years of fifa. He’s just not it this fifa. submitted by Additional-Star4098 to fut [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:07 _dead_pixel Drawing a popup chessboard with JS

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2021.10.27 19:07 LiterallyStonkler Brazil’s Nubank, last valued at $30 billion, files for U.S. IPO

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2021.10.27 19:07 likklebite3 Darkrai Raid Add 6694 7266 8146

6694 7266 8146
turn on online status
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2021.10.27 19:07 FishSaladEnby In what way is this a failure?

In what way is this a failure?
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2021.10.27 19:07 Jolly_Ad_5863 Falei com uma velha amiga e ela não respondeu

Tenho uma amiga que faz tempo que não falo com ela, eu tenho muita baixa autoestima então sempre suponho que é porque eu sou uma pessoa ruim
Recentemente o pai dela morreu e eu e uma amiga em comum nos preocupamos e mandamos mensagem pra ela, mas ela só respondeu que estava tudo bem e não falamos mais, faz 4 meses desde então. Queria muito reatar essa amizade mas é muito difícil, ela mudou de cidade, não responde ninguém nas redes sociais e tals, tem novas amizades, mudou sabe?
Hoje ela postou foto de uma planta dela e eu tentei puxar conversa, mas ela só visualizou e não respondeu. Obviamente fiquei bem triste com isso, mas por um lado tenho que aceitar que as pessoas só vão embora da sua vida mesmo. Tenho que parar de viver no passado.
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2021.10.27 19:07 Pharcydeyer 14 Years Old, Second Wipe, Level 38, 1390 Hours

I need a semi-consistent duo to play with, solo Tarkov is a grueling experience and would love to play with others. NA East, my discord is stroheim#7656
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2021.10.27 19:07 sansundertale_248 YouTube ads are weird

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2021.10.27 19:07 thetrackfox Darkrai 3797 8522 4951

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2021.10.27 19:07 rolandbahhi11

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2021.10.27 19:07 Larry9mm W: wwr excavator or 1/s wwr pa H: live and love 8 , wood , steel b/40/1s cultist dagger

Exterm/e/25 vats handmade , Exterm/e/15rl handmade , Gou25f90 rw railway rifle , Junkies / 40 ss / 25 vats grognaks axe, Mutant slayers/ap kill /25 vats power first , Stalkers/e/15rl railway rifle , As/ap / 25 vats handmade , Instgating / e/25 vats lmg, Instgating /25 f15 rl pepper shaker, Junkies/ap kill /15 rl .50 cal, Mutants/25f15 rl pepper shaker , As/vats hit 50 /25 vats cryo As/50 vats hit /25 pepper shaker As/e/25 vats lmg Medic/bash/movement speed mini gun M/25f25 vats cryo. Sup/e/25 vats handmade
Junkies/ap kill /25 vats Aa/25ff/50 break fixer , Ts/ap kill /25 vats fixer , Aa / ap kill / 15rl fixer Z/25 faster fire /25 vats Junkies/ap kill / 1p fixer, Junkies /e/ 50 break slower fixer , Stalkers/e/1a fixer , As/e/50 break fixer, Jug/25 faster fire /90 rw fixer , Zelots/e/break slower fixer , Mutslayer / e /1p fixer, Noc/ +50 vats hit chance /25 vats fixer , Ts/ap kill / vats fill fixer , Extee/+50 aim fixer Sup/25 /1a fixer Vamp/+50 hits damage/250 Stalkers/ap kill /movement fixed Hunters + 50 vats hit /50 break fixer Medic /+50 vats hit chance /+50 fixer V/+50 vats vats hit chance /90 fixer
2x ( no pair) B/40ss/1s cultist dagger B/40ss/1s hatchet B/40ss/1s sickle B/40/1s tire iron B/40ss/1s baseball bat B/40ss/1s war drum B/40ss/1s Bowie knife B/40ss/1s death Tambo Noc/40ss/1s hatchet AA/40ss/1s pickaxe
1k Guns and bullets 5 4k Live and love 8
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2021.10.27 19:07 GoBackToLa Geek squad

Oh man, had no idea such a great place existed! I will be wasting all kinds of time in here... Anyway, just got a geek squad email. Basicly a bogus charge for service and you call to "cancel" They ask for a order number but I was already baiting a credit card scammer so I quickly insulted the person's mother in hindi and changed my voice and called back over and over and over again when I got time. Here's the closing portion with the number...
It may take up to 24 hours to reflect the transaction in your account history. Soon you will get another letter with shipping details.
If you have questions or want to cancel the order call us at (800)-674-5095 right directly.
Best Regards,
Margaret Redman
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2021.10.27 19:07 throwaway77582 Yes

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2021.10.27 19:07 Idk_Very_Much What person (living or dead) has met the most US Presidents?

I just found out that Queen Elizabeth has met 12 presidents. Is that the record for anyone living? What about dead?
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2021.10.27 19:07 liftonark adidas Ultraboost DNA Sydney Shoes Men's: $101 (Discount in Cart | Retail $180)

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2021.10.27 19:07 RepSavage 21,500 HODL ers.. Kuma Army..

don't let up....
post in your SM a few times a week :
*A game changer meme with utility, offering 25x meme leverage DEX trading. Earn USDC
* LOW CAP 35m💎
* If you missed on Shiba don't miss KUMA INU🔥🔥🚀🚀, if you didn't miss Shiba bring your profits to #KUMA #KumaArmy
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2021.10.27 19:07 jake63vw Accelerated Achievement Academy ranked 11th elementary school in the state

Accelerated Achievement Academy ranked 11th elementary school in the state submitted by jake63vw to sanbenitocounty [link] [comments]

2021.10.27 19:07 Michelin_Man Why do plumbers, electricians, and people generally in trades like receiving cash, even if it's a lesser amount?

I'm getting some repairs done on my first home, and I've had to work with plumbers, electricians, and a couple other people in trade. 90% of them had some sort of, I guess, discount where if I give them cash, they take a good amount of the bill off. Like some have knocked off even like $100 to $200 off the total bill. Is that a common practice? What's the benefit? Wouldn't it be worth the inconvenience of cashing a check or even a debit transfer if it means you get an extra couple hundred dollars? What's the benefit of getting less money for your effort?
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2021.10.27 19:07 Muffin_Madness82 Is anybody else playing EOTE in VR?

Just curious if anyone else is playing through VR this time? I played OW originally on flat screen and absolutely adored it, this time around I've got a VR headset so I thought I'd give that a shot now that NomaiVR has been updated.
You definitely need VR legs for this one but I'm very, very impressed so far, the sense of scale is very real (Giant's Deep is especially terrifying).
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2021.10.27 19:07 FADIKALIL المغتربون في دائرة الرصد

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2021.10.27 19:07 jobsinanywhere California sets up 4,000 sites to administer 1.2 million Covid vaccines to children in the first week

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2021.10.27 19:07 MascaraSnokey Cool beans, Maya

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2021.10.27 19:07 SilentStaff Battery life of the M1 Pro variants?

Are there any articles or videos out yet that compare battery life of the various M1 Pro/Max CPU/GPU/RAM variants? I wanted to see if any major differences have been found before buying.
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2021.10.27 19:07 LiterallyStonkler Companies to U.S. shipping regulator: enough probes, start enforcing

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