Old redditors, what are the biggest differences in characteristics when you compare the reddit crowd of today and that from 10 years ago?

2021.10.27 20:29 bloominbloom Old redditors, what are the biggest differences in characteristics when you compare the reddit crowd of today and that from 10 years ago?

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2021.10.27 20:29 Hearderofnerf Looking for mods

Hey, I decided to post this on here and not needamod because the people on here are definitely fans of NWH and I think many of you could contribute greatly to the sub.
Anyway if you want to moderate this sub, please reply on this thread (pls don’t DM), looking for 1 or 2 who can help spam control (so ideally on here a lot) and maybe someone who can do CSS stuff.
Thanks 🕷
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2021.10.27 20:29 jewbs421 Darkrai raid add 7921 6947 0672 or 8327 0499 4209

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2021.10.27 20:29 darclord1 Are there Any bionicle mendella effects?

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2021.10.27 20:29 NPRoss Can anyone send me Evike or other site links to good face protection and a helmet?

Mesh Mouth Protection
Goggles for eye protection
If they're all compatible that would be beneficial... :3
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2021.10.27 20:29 Accomplished_Idea569 RSDBF '21 Special Release: Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails Over The Country Club on transparent cobalt blue vinyl

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2021.10.27 20:29 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.10.27 20:29 BigCballer Hope this isn’t too political

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2021.10.27 20:29 jsears124 New to foraging anyone know what any of these are?

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2021.10.27 20:29 CelebBattleVoteBot Katy Perry vs Minka Kelly

View Poll
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2021.10.27 20:29 CardAnarchist Some questions from a VN newbie starting muv luv.

So I've just started Extra today and I'm enjoying it so far.
Being new to VN's though I've got a few questions that are annoying me as I try to read.
Mainly the whole routes thing.. so I'm sorta experiencing choice paralysis I guess. Do I need to pick the correct option EVERY time to get one of the girls routes? Or do you just get whatever ending you picked most along the lines of? Seems like it would be impossible without a guide if you need to pick the correct option every time.. I hope it's not like that.
Also saves.. so I guess after I complete my first playthrough of Extra I'm meant to go back to one of my old saves and playtrhough again picking other text options to get another girls ending. Ok but doesn't this take like ages while rereading lots? And are the auto saves good enough or do I need manual saves?
I guess final question is whether the same answers to these questions I have here apply to all VN or are the answers on a case by case basis?
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2021.10.27 20:29 DanceAggressive2666 Award bug?

Just got my first award that didnt seem to be a free one, the notification said i also get 250 coins with it (its the “this” award btw) but i dont think i got them, is there something you need to do for it or am i dumb?
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2021.10.27 20:29 GordyGamez Bread 👍🏻

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2021.10.27 20:29 Ok_Performer_5446 Its just Happened

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2021.10.27 20:29 Ratthion Wano Arc Things

I gotta say I think many problems with the Wano Arc thus far have stemmed from the idea that Wano has come too soon. Think about it theyve gone from running for their lives from one Yonko to fighting two and NOT dying in the space of...im unsure how long.
I think it was Odas intent at least early on for Wano to come later, if that makes sense. Once they actually took Big Mom down and had time to explore haki and various power ups.
We dont know how that would go of course but it seems like there have been a number of power jumps that arent normal for the series (this arc is about Ryuo suddenly giving way to conquerors haki covering), which makes me think the initial plan was for them to arrive, train in Ryuo and leave for some reason, then beat Big Mom, and start learning conquerors haki covering and THEN go and beat Kaido.
I could be wrong its hardly perfect but thats kind of my thoughts on the matter.
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2021.10.27 20:29 FezofYelnoc How do I delete an account on reddit mobile?

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2021.10.27 20:29 ClarenceYojimbo Subway at UBC before Subway came to UBC

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2021.10.27 20:29 Manguana96 Help

Got a new phone and can't get access my old afk account
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2021.10.27 20:29 SDavies21 To think people cashed out after the first “moon”

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2021.10.27 20:29 erickgalaviz14 Check $NEXUS at DEXTools! Price: $0.22026

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2021.10.27 20:29 Brandon_G-115 My first perfect shiny 🥳🥳🥳

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2021.10.27 20:29 ScaryLarrysPizzeria SHIBA Price Watching Be Like This

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2021.10.27 20:29 topcorjor Aftermarket exhaust on a Grand Cherokee with bumper cut outs

Hey all,
I was hoping I could get some advice here.
I have a 2015 Grand Cherokee Overland with the bumper exhaust cut outs for the rectangular exhaust tips.
I’ve been looking at getting a new system, something a bit throatier than stock.
I went in to a muffler place today and they said because of my cut outs, it’s unlikely that I’ll find a system that works.
Is there anyone else who has ran into this? The cut outs are similar to the Summit model and I swear I’ve heard of people doing the exhaust on them.
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2021.10.27 20:29 bohabnoah Breath

Something I've noticed is the word breath has been said in the opening scenes in 3,4,5 and now 6 is there an inside joke or an Easter egg that has to do with it? I might not be the first one to pick up on it but im just curious.
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2021.10.27 20:29 0a2b3c4d 16/F looking for someone around my age to have meaningful talks about anything

Hi, I’m 16 years old and I use she/her pronouns. I’m looking for people who are around my age (anything between 14 and 18) I like to have deep conversations about any topic, from politics to the immortality of crabs. I like to learn new things and hear other points of view about any topic so if you have opinions about things that you like to share please feel free to share them with me. I’m a very socially awkward person so my emails might be interesting as a way to put it, and also they might not be perfect, because English is not my first language. I also speak Spanish and German so if you prefer to write in one of those languages we can do that. Leave a comment in this post or message me if you would like to talk. Bye!
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